What people have said about Seeds

‘Opened my eyes to new ways of studying God’s Word.’

‘The Bible became real – Jesus became more authentic.’

‘A very real way to help others find God and encourage each other at me time.’

‘Seeds produce a unique blend of creativity and Biblical insight. The combination of a professional approach with a broad understanding of the needs of the Church enable them to communicate in a range of situations and venues. We are very pleased to be working with Seeds to tell the story more effectively in a range of ways.’ Sharon Norrish, Director: Corporate Development, Bible Society

‘Seeds’ visit provided us with a quite splendid day – creative, informative and enjoyable. All credit to you for the success of involving everyone from the very first.’ Canon Lorys M Davies, Birmingham Post-Ordination Training

Responses to a market research survey of Seeds Creatives prayer partners (conducted by telephone in Spring 2000)

Here are some selected responses to questions asked in the survey that remain relevant to Seeds Creatives’ current vision of the future.

What do you think is the purpose of Seeds Creatives?

‘To help people discover God-given creative gifts for their own richness and to use these gifts for God and the world.’

‘To be creative, pioneering, challenging and educational.’

‘To get people to be participants rather than spectators.’

‘To bring alive creative gifts of God’s people – and make people aware that creativity is from God – to be used in evangelism, community, church and education.’

‘To plant, nurture and harvest God’s creativity in his people through the arts and media, ultimately as a means of worship.’

‘To stimulate and share ideas for people to pick up and develop in their own ways within their own resources.’

How would you encourage a friend to become a Seeds Creatives prayer partner?

‘Seeds Creatives is new, exciting and fresh for people willing to embrace their vulnerability.’

‘Seeds Creatives is “boldly going” where no other Christian organisations have gone before.’

‘What Seeds Creatives does is unique – it gives people an opportunity to be amazed and deeply enriched by the joyful use of God’s gifts.’

‘Seeds Creatives is sowing right into the centre of social, educational, political and religious structures.’

‘Seeds Creatives is based in community, reaching people with the arts and breaking down barriers.’

‘Education is vital to development – and Seeds Creatives has earned enough respect to be at the cutting edge.’

‘Seeds Creatives’ mission is to give away skills and ideas that can equip and motivate people.’

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